Cover des Originals The Ingenious Mr.Pedersen

The Ingenious Mr. Pedersen

David E. Evans - englische Original-Version - Erstauflage von 1978 als Hardcover (ISBN 0 9043 8729 1), 132 Seiten , Format: 13,5 x 21,6 cm

Herausgeber: Alan Sutton Publishing Limited, Phoenix Mill, Far Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Text von den Innenklappen der Hardcover-Version:

The bicycle, mechanically simple and efficient converter of human energy, played a large part in the social changes of late Victorian and Edwardian England, particularly in enabling women to break free of some of the fetters of social convention and, when prices dropped through mass production, in giving ordinary working folk easy freedom to travel beyond their immediate surroundings.

The 1880's and 1890's were an interesting period in cycle development with the unstable ordinary or "penny-farthing" bicycle giving way to the chain driven smaller wheeled "safety" and a great variety of frame designs appeared on the scene in these two decades. One of the most unusual was the triangulated "Dursley Pedersen", brain-child of an engineer who had other inventions to his credit. Never cheap, and therefore restricted to a wealthy clientele, the cycle aroused considerable controversy among cyclists. The hammock saddled "Dursley Pedersen" was the last successful daring flourish in cycle design before frames settled to the ubiquitous diamond shape of today, last that is until the advent of the Moulton small wheeled cycle in the late 1950's. This book is about the cycle and the life of its stubborn, warm-hearted, eccentric inventor, Mikael Pedersen.

The Author - David E. Evans
Bild von David Evans in den 70er Jahren

Born in Whitstable, Kent; brought up and educated in Enfield, Middlesex, David Evans first cycled as a small boy when in war time England with his younger sister and his parents, them- selves keen cyclists in 'the Twenties' he explored the country- side to the north of London. His interest in cycling developed while he was student in Exeter and continued during National Service at R.A.F. Yatesbury, Wiltshire.

In his first teaching post, in Chippenham, he ran for some years a successful school cycling club and on moving to a senior school position in Dursley, Gloucestershire, he helped to found Dursley & District Road Club. He has raced (not too success- fully!) but prefers touring and rough stuff riding in rugged countryside. He has lead several cycle tours on the continent of Europe. Other interests include local history, serious music, chapel affairs and, when time permits, gardening.

Hon. Vice President, Wheelers Cycling Club.
Member, Cyclists' Touring Club. Member,
Southern Veterans-Cycle Club.

Die zweite Version des Originals als Softcover Version

Text von der Rückseite der Softcover-Version von 1992, 144 Seiten, (ISBN: 0 7509 0064 4) : - The definitive record of the Dursley Pedersen (Cycling "Anm.- engl. Fahrradzeitung")

Bicycle design developed rapidly during the 1880s and 1890s, and this meticulously researched book tells the fascinating story of one of the most remarkable designs of the time - the Dursley Pedersen - and of its inventor, the briliant Danish engineer Mikael Pedersen.

Pedersen´s revolutionary machine featured a ligthweigt triangulated frame and a comfortable hammock saddle. It was one of a variety of innovative designs that were produced during the period when the unstable penny-farthing was giving way to the safety bicycle with the diamond frame that we know today.

The rise and fall of the bicycle and of its unconventional inventor is an entertaining story that will appeal to all bicycle enthusiasts. It also offers an intriguing insight into the importance of the bicycle in late Victorian and Edwardian England when this simple, efficient machine suddenly gave ordinary people the freedom to travel beyond their immediate surroundings.

David Evans` interest in cycling developed when he was a student and continued during National Service. In his first teaching post , in Chippenham, he ran for some years a successful school cycling club and on moving to senior school position in Dursley, Gloucestershire, he helped to found Dursley & District Road Club.

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