Mr. Pedersen - A Man of Genius

David E. Evans - englische Original-Version - Oktober 2007

Softcover (ISBN 9780752445052), 223 Seiten , Format: 23,5 x 15,6 cm, 600 gr.

Herausgeber: Tempus Publishing Ltd - Stroud - Gloucestershire

£16.99 - €24,90

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Text von den Innenklappen der Hardcover-Version:

As he strode through the town in Norfolk Jacket, tall, long black beard blowing in the win, lost in thought and heeding no one, he carried with him the aroma of strong, sweet coffee. Mikael Pedersen was different. Born near Roskilde, in Denmark, in 1855 he quickly showed his powers of invention. One idea he patented was a milk separator which revolutionized dairy practice. It was taken up by the engineering firm of R. A. Lister and Co. in Dursley, Gloucestershire, into which town Mikael settled in1889. With him came his genius for inventing and for providing unique solutions to engineering problems.

He is known now just for his bicycle of unusual design - the Dursley Pedersen - but in his time he was highly regarded in engineering circles and played significant roles in The First World War. At the end of that war he and his family vanished and the rest of his life was for long a mystery.What happened to him was first revealed in the writer's "The Ingenious Mr Pedersen", published in 1978. In this present book David Evans tells Mikael's unusual story again with very much more information about this highly talented man.

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